The other day I was at a dinner party at my cousin's place. And I got to say hello to two new faces. I really don't know what to call the children of my cousins, but alright, Malin & Karoline, they are both in their 20s and my cousin's are like over 40++ Haha, my dad's family is kinda weird. Anywho, it'd been like 15 years since I saw Karoline, like wow! Haha, but now she's finally moved to the big city, so maybe I'll get to see her more.


Here's the new plants I bought, or my mom bought, haha! Cactus forever!


Been walking around the park a lot, cause Tarzan needs his walks haha. Last Friday there's a concert on the top of the park, with food vans and everything. I didn't stop by for that, but I did stop by for a waffle and a coffee. The coffee didn't taste so good, and the waffle, wow, so tiny and expensive.


Someone needs new shoes?


Park pictures! :)

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